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Commercial Van, Truck & Specialty Vehicle Equipment

Ranger Design

Ranger Design, home of innovative van racking, van racks, van shelving and storage equipment that will revolutionize your vehicle and your work life!
  • Aluminum and Steel Van Shelving Aluminum and Steel Van Shelving Ranger’s bin shelving system is unique in the industry; it combines the strength and rigidity of aluminum extrusions with a solid substrate shelf base, to give a shelf tray that is strong, very quiet, and yet does not use up excessive payload. Shelving and bin units are available in hundreds of different configurations of height, length and shelf depth. Use the application guide to find the shelving units, bin units and Fold-Away shelving that are the perfect application for your next work vehicle.Contact Us About This Product »


For over 32 years, Kargo Master has been manufacturing the strongest, most stylish, and most durable modular truck and van racks available.
  • Truck ladder racks: Trucks with Caps Truck ladder racks: Trucks with Caps Perfect fit for all full-size and mini trucks with camper shells. We also fit high rise camper shells. There a multiple options for truck ladder racks for all types of trucks with caps.
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  • Truck ladder racks: Trucks Without Caps Truck ladder racks: Trucks Without Caps We offer streamlined styling without compromising strength or security. There a multiple options for truck ladder racks for all types of trucks without caps.
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  • Van shelving Van shelving Our shelving is some of the strongest in the business with the most support. There are multiple sizes and shapes to be able to fit your shelve needs.
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Highway Products

Highway Products Inc. is proudly one of the world's premier manufacturers of semi and pickup truck accessories. Designs are taken to the leading edge with the highest quality innovative products available.
  • Toolboxes Toolboxes Our aluminum truck tool boxes are made from the toughest materials on the market as they provide lockable storage for your tools and work supplies. Truck toolboxes allow you to organize loose tools so they don't clatter around the floor of your truck. Our saddle tool boxes use a no-drill mounting system that secures the toolbox to your truck bed rails; leaving room for plywood, sheet rock and other long items. Highway Products truck tool boxes have been setting industry standards for over 30 years as we back all pickup truck toolboxes with a lifetime warranty.
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  • Pickup Packs Pickup Packs Pickup Packs™ are like having a huge aluminum utility truck bed cap for your truck. These revolutionary units lock all of your tools and work equipment inside your truck bed. They are constructed by combining different truck tool boxes together; thus providing a perfect alternative to a utility body. Highway Products offers two different options: Standard Pickup Packs™ have three lockable compartments, Pro Pickup Packs™ have four lockable compartments. These utility truck bed caps can be installed and removed within minutes. Every Pickup Pack™ comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
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  • Headache Rack Headache Rack Headache racks are not only stylish but they add functionality to your pickup truck. Headache rack posts are engineered with a tapered design that matches the same contour as the truck cab. This feature provides a custom look that allows the headache rack to blend in with your truck. Headache racks allow you to secure ladders, lumber or long objects that would normally not fit in your truck bed. Our mesh and Honeycomb™ inserts protect the rear window from potential damage and they deflect heat seeking UV rays. We manufacture a variety of headache racks that are available in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit. All pickup truck headache racks come with a Lifetime Warranty.
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Cargo Glide

CargoGlide, the best way to get your gear, materials or products from the back of a truck, van, work truck or SUV. Just slide your gear out of the bed of your truck or van! Weight capacities of up to 2,000 pounds and 100% extension models available.
  • Cargo Management Cargo Management CargoGlide offers several models to fit your needs: CargoGlide 1000 and CargoGlide 1500HD for light duty truck, van, SUV and light commercial use. Comes in stock sizes for all pickup, van and SUV applications. Capacities of 1000lbs and 1500 lbs, evenly distributed.

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